This is ALLEYFEST 2020!

March 25 – 29, 2020 was supposed to be the week of the Sonoma International Film Festival and in that week (this week) there were going to be many films, parties, exhibitions, conversations and more.

At the same time we were planning a small, off the charts, pop up fest of our own at Alley Gallery and at other points around Sonoma.

That’s not happening either… at least not in the physical world. I almost said “in the real world,” but this IS the real world… at least for right now.

SO… instead of art and films all over Sonoma this week, we’re having a festival of our own right here online at Alley.Gallery with work from artists Jim Callahan & Roberta Ahrens (and perhaps some others as well), songwriters/musicians Ken Medema, and Michael Vincent (and definitely some others as well), and filmmaker Thom Butler.

We are also going to be featuring words of prose and poetry from these artists and others… If you’re interested in participating, drop a note to and we’ll get back athcha…


Sunday March 29


Feature documentary on the art and the thoughts of Sonoma Sculptor Jim Callahan

This is the complete feature length documentary and is available for streaming here for FREE until Sunday April 5.
It can also be purchased for download (along with extra bonus features) at and at Amazon.

Thursday March 26, 2020

Today’s entry for AlleyFest is one of the films scheduled to be shown during the fest but now showing online, Translator Of The Mystery. It’s a 30 minute documentary short about Petaluma artist Roberta Ahrens and a commissioned piece she created called “Invitation to the Mystery.”


Wednesday March 25, 2020

To begin the fest… Here is a musical interlude by Ken Medema¬† from the film Raven Awakens (you can stream the film or buy a package that includes this music video on Amazon)